I’m Arielle Arizpe. I live in Austin. I enjoy cooking and eating and witchy glamour shots. I eat tortilla chips with hummus for breakfast, sometimes a hard boiled egg, and never ever again will I eat cereal, because I found a cockroach leg  (just the leg!! did I somehow eat the rest of the cockroach body while shoveling spoonfuls of cereal into my face??) at the bottom of a bowl of Froot Loops once. My kids want to eat rice, only rice, with lots of soy sauce. Or risotto. Or sushi. So long as there is rice involved. I have read that there is arsenic in rice, so I fear that every grain they eat is bringing them closer to bladder cancer or some other horrible thing. I don’t know if this is rational or not, but it is something I think about every time I set another bowl of rice in front of their eager little faces. We are a gluten-free household now, because my husband was diagnosed with celiac, and the switch from eating buttered noodles and baked goods all day every day to eating things that aren’t gluten-y has been a lot less awful than I feared. My kids are unschooled/homeschooled, which means we’re together all the time, which is mostly a joy and occasionally challenging but is on the whole a thrilling way to live. For dinner I make lots of different things, from lots of different cookbooks, and I like to talk about what I liked and what I didn’t. That’s why I have this blog. Thank you for reading it. Before I go, I should mention that I have a very nice husband, too, the one with the celiac. He’s a super genius and all around dreamy and wonderful. And I have a dog, Adelaide, who is named for the city in Australia because her fur is the color of the dirt there. I also have chickens, who are old and only lay eggs when they feel like it and whose existence supports a whole colony of rats that I have to shake out of the chicken feeder from time to time and everything is terrible. I guess really only the non-laying chickens and the rats and the cockroach legs and occasionally the children are terrible, and most everything else is pretty good. So, to reiterate, thank you for reading my blog. I’m so glad you’re here.


One thought on “About

  1. Abbie April 2, 2015 / 7:00 pm

    I can’t wait to see what you are cooking up! Because then I can copy you! Yay!

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