Beach Eats

We spent last weekend at the beach near Sargent, Texas (which is near Bay City, which is kind of near Houston). It was lovely and quiet and just so good. The first night there, we ate a crawfish boil courtesy of my brother-in-law’s dad, Vince, who is an absolutely amazing cook. This photo is of the kid-friendly batch of crawfish, and it was still delicious, but the real batch came out after the sun had set (so no pictures) and oh my god was it good.  Spicy, salty, rich, and buttery. We ate pounds of the stuff.

My sister makes a phenomenal pasta salad.  She’s got a couple tricks- she uses tortellini instead of regular pasta (amazing) and makes a pesto heavy on the walnuts and parmesan. The whole thing is rich and creamy and delightful, and is enlivened by bursts of lemon-y asparagus, briny olives, and sweet roasted tomatoes.

Cheddar and Black Pepper Cornbread! So good! It’s got a lot of sugar, and Jeff said it tasted like a big corn cookie- he’s so right!

A strawberry rhubarb pie with coconut and oat crisp topping. Delicious! My May pie of the month is a gluten and dairy free version with a lattice top- I’ll post it soon.

 Dinner the next night was fish tacos featuring giant snapper caught by Jordan on an earlier trip and grilled up beautifully by Jeff. This is my sister’s delicious mango salsa.

All the cheese!

My gluttonous plate!

More tacos!

It was such a lovely and relaxing weekend with great food and friends. We were completely offline that weekend, and it was the first time in ages for me to be so- it felt so nice. We played all day and my little family all went to bed at the same time at night and I just felt so happy and connected.  Will strive to live that way a bit more often in our regular lives!


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